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Do you want to internationally travel without all the headaches? If you have ever gone through customs, then you may understand! The lines can be painstakingly long as TSA checks passports. Not to mention trying to make a connecting flight! I have a wonderful solution for you that will save time, reduce stress and open so many worldly doors.


Have you ever heard of Global Entry?

It is a program of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service that allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to receive expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States. (source)

Since I’ve signed up for this program, I now BREEZE thru TSA. Trust me, the first time you walk past all those grumpy, winding lines you will feel like royalty. And not only that! But also, your confidence level increases 10 fold. As a Global Entry member, you will have time to safely find your gate, grab a bite to eat, and even freshen up in the restroom. Talk about a time-saver!

So let’s get you all signed up! The process takes times but it will save you hours of standing in line while Global Entry travelers are already in the car heading home.  You can explore the application here. Or check the below instructions:

How to Apply for Global Entry

Before you apply, make sure you are eligible for Global Entry. It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) account. Regardless of your age, you must have your own TTP account.

  2. Log in to your TTP account and complete the application. A $100 non-refundable fee is required with each completed application.

  3. After accepting your completed application and fee, CBP will review your application. If your application is conditionally approved, then your TTP account will instruct you to schedule an interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center. Each applicant must schedule a separate interview.

  4. You will need to bring your valid passport(s) and one other form of identification, such as a driver’s license or ID card to the interview. If you are a lawful permanent resident, you must present your machine readable permanent resident card.

How to Use Global Entry

“Once accepted, you can use a Global Entry kiosk instead of standing in the customs and immigration line when re-entering the country. At the kiosk, you will scan your passport and provide your fingerprints to confirm your identity. The kiosk then prints a receipt in place of the form that you would usually fill out.

That’s it. No line. No paperwork. No being grilled by CBP officers”. (source)

So what do you guys think? I believe all frequent, international travelers should use this program! It has definitely saved me a ton of headaches. Let me know if you sign up! I would love to read about your personal experience.

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Megan Colwell